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hitaste iQOS ICOS compatible product World's first technology 200-300 ° C Temperature control 2: 30 – 5 minutes Heating time adjustable suction number counter HD display Tobacco cartridge 20 continuous suction With vibrator Automatic clean P5 (black)

¥ 13,800

This product is hitaste .jp It is developed and manufactured from Nippon Co., Ltd., it becomes easy to adjust heating temperature to 200 ~ 300 ℃ by heat control TM technology in the world first, you can easily adjust it to your liking, you can taste the taste similar to more cigarettes and satisfied You can enjoy the taste of it. Also, the suction time can be freely adjusted from 2:30 to 5 minutes, and it can satisfy suction preferences of various people.
【World's First Smoking Number Counter Available, Manual Clearable, Continuous 20 Pieces】 This product has a function to automatically record the number of smokers, so you can control the number of smokers every day, so you want to quit smoking I especially recommend to those who do not. In addition, it is possible to suck twenty continuously for one full charge (250 ℃, 2:30 minutes).
【With HD display】 It is easy to use by anyone, the remaining battery level, suction number, heating temperature, heating time, condition during suctioning and the state during automatic cooking are obvious. 【There is a quadruple protection function, you can feel more relieved】 With short protection, open protection, low pressure protection, overcharge protection function, it protects the important electronic cigarette.
[Vibe function, automatic cleaning function] The vibrator function is installed and even if you are not looking at the HD display it will inform you of the start and end of suctioning, the start and end of automatic cleaning by vibrator. Also, with automatic cleaning function, you can keep a clean feeling, a good taste without having to take care of various things
【3 months warranty with purchase after purchase】 Please read the Japanese instruction manual carefully Please use electronic cigarette. Please contact us at any time if there are uncertainties or quality problems on the product. If it becomes unusable due to malfunction in normal use within 3 months after purchase, we will exchange it free of charge. 【St. contents】: dedicated battery main body × 1, USB cable × 1, owner manual × 1, QC passing certificate × 1

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