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ICOS compatible product Luckten Pro Electronic cigarette starter kit 25 pcs continuous suction vibe function High brightness LED mounting Automatic cleaning function cartridge equipped iQOS compatible machine fast charge smoke free non smoking reduced smoke support (blue)

¥ 4,499

♪ 【notification vibe function and high brightness LED Installation】 Notification of operation confirmation like IQOS Vibe function and high brightness LED are installed, adopt more intuitive interface. A vibrator is installed and you can notify the start and end of suction. You can know the battery level at a glance with the high brightness LED indication. With the power on, hold down the button once, the lamp lights up and heating begins.
♪ [Icos compatible machine that can check the remaining battery level at a glance] Unlike other models, a high-intensity LED lamp is installed, so you can immediately check the battery level at a glance. 0 to 10% for one white lamp, 10% -80% for two white lamps and 88% -100% for three white lamps, indicating the amount of electricity. Please note: The innermost light is the operation presentation light, and the other three lights are the electricity presentation light.
♪ 【25 continuous continuous new type ICOS compatible vape】 Heated electronic cigarette is a new era of heated cigarette which does not emit sidestream smoke, does not smell without harmful substances cut by 90%, health-friendly electronic cigarette is. A large capacity battery is installed, and it is applicable to cartridges such as Icos compatible machine, Marlboro / HEETS / parliament which is a long time. Sufficiently sucks about 25 bottles in full charge. Each suction time is 3 minutes 30 seconds.
♪ 【Excellent Usage Satisfaction】 ♪ 1, Design sticking to ergonomic appearance and fine details, High quality aluminum alloy grip feeling is the best. Compact size lightweight, portable and convenient to fit in your hand. ♪ 2, Because it is plating surface treatment, it is an excellent hand touching to scratches and fingerprints on the body. ♪ 3, It is a design that can take out a burner, it is very useful for removing a cartridge. ♪ 4, Once the cover is taken out, the heating pin can be completely exposed, so it is easy to clean, it also has excellent durability to break. There is no worry that the heating rod breaks.
♪ 【90 day warranty】 If we can not use it due to failure in normal use, we will exchange it free of charge within 90 days. 【Package Content】: Main body * 1 point; Cleaner brush * 1 point; Cotton swab * 1 set; Japanese instruction manual * 1 point; USB charge cable * 1 point.

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