¥ 339

[Content] 1 ICICO BAND
[Materials] Made of Japanese-made rubber excellent in stretch Fastener: Polycarbonate
[Manufacturer] Made in Japan (MADE IN JAPAN)
* The icon main body of the image, the cartridge is not attached.
✅ 【ICOUS DESIGN DESIGN】 It is a dedicated band built just for ICOS.
✅ 【Optimized Rubber Strength】 Securely fix the iQOS lid. Easy to install and remove!
✅ 【Fixing the lid securely】 Prevent unstable charging to the holder by not closing the lid properly. To prevent smoking, "Oh, the holder was not charged …"
✅ 【Prevention of breakage of lid】 Absorb shock and protect charger when falling by any chance.
✅ 【Holder out / damage prevention】 When dropping, it prevents the lid from opening and the holder will pop out, it also helps to protect the holder.

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