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Icos exclusive clear case Silicon cover Electronic cigarette exclusive shock resistant Heavy duty thin heavy duty simple protective case cover sleeve skin IQOS starter kit Rechargeable (Skull B & W)

¥ 1,280

Product specifications
Size: Approximately 118 mm x Width 55 mm × thickness 26 mm Case only sold.
Color: blue, black, white, green, pink, superman, skull black and white
Material: Soft and flexible silicon material. It closely adheres to the ICOS main body and prevents slipping.

ICoc exclusive silicone case x 1
Pack with a single piece of opp bag

Recommended point
1, silicon with high quality and good touch is used, it is excellent in waterproofness and elasticity, even if it gets wet slightly in water or rain, even if it falls lightly inadvertently it is OK.
2, Design that makes use of ergonomics, Protects important icos firmly.
3, with a thumb hole for fall prevention.
4. If you remove the seal of the 3M double-sided tape inside the cap and fix the cap of the ICOS, you can use it comfortably without shaking and shaking.
5. Micro USB charging cable is available with it installed.

1. We have prepared colorful variations for you to use regardless of gender!
2. If an adhesive film is required, after attaching the adhesive film, we recommend attaching a protective case.
3. Do not remove the case directly when the protective case is installed. There may be scratches and breakage to forcibly remove.
4. If removing the protective case, do it from the holes in the aircraft or use other things (chopsticks, pens, etc), push the aircraft. (Please stop pulling out with violence.)

* Attention *
Depending on the size of the external connection terminal, it may be difficult to insert.
Please check in advance, please acknowledge · Inside the head part we have arrived at double-sided tape for fixing.
Please install it after peeling off.

Double-sided tape that fixes the head part may be visible when IQOS of dark color is attached to the clear case. Please note.

Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly from the actual product due to the environment at the time of shooting, color development of the display, etc. [Compatible models] Old type ICos / New type ICos
【Dirt resistant】 Protects 360 ° body from scratches, dirt and light impact
【Convenient design】 Button parts are also laid out cleanly, functional design of ICOS is as it is You can use it. Button operation, opening and closing, charging also keeps the case OK!
【Impact effect】 Because it can expect the effect of impact absorption, it guards the main body securely. With a simple and convenient design, it is a tobacco cover that is perfect for silicone products.
【Overall integral protection】 It is bulky because it fits perfectly with the ICOS main body, it can be mounted firmly protects the upper lid part

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