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ICOS iQOS compatible electronic cigarette justcare starter kit 20 pcs continuous suction automatic cleaning function with vibration function equipped cartridge correspondence fast charge smoke smoke non smoking reduced smoke support

¥ 3,750

wonderful electronic cigarette! ! ! 【20 continuous suction】 The applicable product is a low temperature non-combustible constant temperature heating bar, applicable to a series of cartridges such as Marlboro / HEETS / parliament. About 20 continuous batteries can be recharged without recharging once with full charge. The vibrator function is installed and it is now possible to know the start of suction and the end of suction without looking at the instruction lamp of the product.
[Easy-to-use design] With the design that allows the burner to be taken out, the heating rod can be completely exposed, so it is easy to clean. It is hard to break with a needle-shaped heating rod and it is excellent in durability. Also, you can see the battery level at a glance. When the button is pressed once while the power is on, the lamp lights up.
【Best user experience experience】 Adopted an easy-to-understand interface by "vibration" and "LED indicator" for operation confirmation, with a large capacity battery, absorb about 20 books with one charge, supreme user experience Give it. Moreover, it has a function to automatically clean it, you can keep cleanness without troublesome things. In addition, various protection functions are attached, we will protect your important electronic cigarette. Please do not worry.
【Luxurious feeling overflow】 It is a new-generation heated cigarette that does not emit sidestream smoke, it does not smell with 90% cut of harmful substance, and it is health-friendly! Design sticking to details, size compact enough to fit nicely when taken in hand, sophisticated stylish body full of luxury. It is portable and easy to use. Besides, it makes it difficult to wear scratches and fingerprints on the outside made by sanding process and realize the best touch!
【Semi-annual product warranty】 If it becomes unusable due to malfunction during normal use, we will exchange it free of charge within half a year. 【Package Contents】: ● Body * 1 ● Cleaner Brush * 1 ● Swab * 1 ● User Guide * 1 ● Product Passing Instructions ● USB Charge Cable * 1

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