¥ 2,968

[High Temperature Adjustable] When you quickly press the switch three times during 2 seconds, you can freely select the high / low temperature mode You can switch. Than people's taste, you can adjust dark, light taste. The size of smoke will change more than temperature. Factory shipment is medium temperature
【Battery remaining amount you can see】 When you press the button quickly when turning on the power, the electricity light shows 1 second; red light 0% -20 When you display% electricity, blue light shows 20% -80% electricity, green light shows 80% -100% electricity display, red light flashing 8 times, please charge so it is less.
[90 day product warranty] If it becomes unusable due to failure in normal use, we will exchange it free of charge if it is within 90 days.
【Heating lasting 4 minutes, 20-22 consecutive suction】 This product One plus Continuous 18-20 pieces can be used without recharging in full charge at once, satisfying everyday requirements . It adopted a constant temperature heating ceramic plate, can heat more uniformly, greatly improved the taste when smoked than the old model, became able to feel the original flavor of tobacco leaves without taste, stable For about 4 minutes or about 14 times. Includes: Battery main unit × 1, USB charge cable × 1, cotton swab set × 1, Japanese manual × 1
[with vibrator / more easy to use] one button attached! No complicated operation or setting! ❉ How to breathe: Press and hold for 5 seconds from the power off state to turn on the power; from there plugging the heat stick with the power on, once with the fast press three times oscillate / start flashing; after 3 seconds vibration / I will be able to smoke when it lights up. When the smoking is completed, the motor shakes once, the LED light turns off simultaneously and goes into energy saving mode. Easy to use even heated novice beginners!

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