¥ 7,699

[improved from ICOS] The same isothermally heated ceramic plate as the regular item is adopted, it can heat more uniformly , Greatly improved the taste when smoked than the old model, it became possible to feel the original clear flavor of tobacco leaves without any taste. Heat for 4 minutes with full charge and can continuously suck in 18-23 bottles.
[Adjustable at high and middle temperatures] Applicable to series cartridges such as Marlboro / HEETS / parliament, which can adjust the medium temperature higher than the taste of people, darker, thinner than the taste. The size of smoke will change more than temperature. The factory shipment is medium temperature.
[Automatic clean function attachment] With the main body activated, clicking the power button 5 quickly lit the purple lamp all the time and the automatic cleaning starts. Cleaning lasts about 30 seconds and the end lamp goes out.
【Easy to operate】 When the LED light turns on blue (medium temperature) / twice oscillate, start suction when the power button is pressed quickly and long pressed 3 times quickly with the main body turned OFF Press and quickly press and hold the power button 3 times to turn off the power. When the LED light blinks in red, please charge with insufficient electricity.
【90 day product warranty】 If it becomes unusable due to malfunction in normal use, if it is within 90 days, we will exchange it free of charge to us. Amazon is technically impossible to exchange new items.

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