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Icos Iqos ICOS compatible machine 【Latest improved version】 1200 mAh battery 17 continuous use possible High to medium low temperature switching touch panel type KOBATA ART 3 months quality assurance 2.4 plus 3.0 multi silver

¥ 4,980

ICOS compatible machine 【full charge at about 60 min】 charged from PC If you do, it will be completed in about 60 minutes. The cleaning button flashes red while charging. 【Battery remaining at a glance】 Click the start button once and wait for 2 seconds to display the remaining battery power. * Use only 5 V 1A or 5 V 2A cables.
【Evolved Icos (compatible machine)】 Intuitively operated with touch sensor. When you strok the touch panel in order from the top, the power turns on. If you stroke from bottom to top the power will be turned off. [Continuous 17 can be sucked] Adopting a powerful battery of 1200 mAh. You can use it safely at work, business trips, traveling and going out. Continuous 17 lines can be used without intervals. It is also recommended for heavy smokers people.
【Three temperature changeable】 Mode change is possible by clicking the power change button with the power turned on. (3 types of high, medium and low) As the temperature rises, the smoke amount of the ICOS · heat stick becomes thick and the suction comfort becomes strong. Please enjoy the difference of three kinds of sucking comfort. 【Automatic cleaning function】 Auto cleaning is started by clicking the cleaning button 3 times with the power on. Cleaning is completed in only 20 seconds. More troublesome maintenance more easily.
【Maximum weight reduction / miniaturization】 Only 68 g. 47 mm * 100 mm * 18 mm. Light and compact. Compact size that does not get in the way even in a pocket. It is convenient to carry, so you can use it safely at work or on a business trip, traveling or going out. Unique shape is not only fashionable but also designed to fit your hands.
【90 day quality assurance】 We will return-exchange correspondence free of charge for 3 months in case of failure. Please feel free to contact the shop. [As a gift] It is also recommended for gifts to loved ones in fashionable packages. Includes: Icos compatible machine × 1, USB charge cable × 1, maintenance set × 1, Japanese manual × 1

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