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[Improved version] IQOS charger exclusive use AIPlus Electronic cigarette holder charger USB stand charging fast charging in 3-5 minutes Built-in magnet fixing fixed contact failure (black)

¥ 2,099

AIPlus easy to provide products I concentrate on improving things and your life. ABS
Input: Input: Input: Input: LED light color: blue
Charger LED operation: Blue flashing USB charging 5 V / 1A
Output: DC 4.2 V
Charging time: 3 – 5 minutes Charging completed LED operation: Always ON
Working temperature: – 10 – 70 ° C

* This product can be used in cars, home and office, electric power is supplied using an onboard charger or AC charger.
* When removing the IQOS holder on the bottom surface, there is a gel sheet to make this product hard to float. When changing the installation location it can easily be removed.
* This product does not come with an AC charger. Please use an AC charger of 1.2 A or more separately.

Package Content:
1 * IQOS Holder Charger
1 * USB Cable
[Applicable Model] iQOS Dedicated Charger. Charging time: about 3-5 minutes. During charging, the blue lamp blinks, when fully charged, the blue lamp lights up when charging is completed.
[Improved version corresponding to all series] Improved version corresponding to IQOS holder charging of each model number. With built-in magnet fixing method, contact failure can be prevented. Even when placed on a flat surface, you can charge conveniently without worry of falling.
Non-slip seat: Do not worry about designing the base silicon slip prevention, leaning down in the charging process. The charging interfaces also contain magnets to ensure good contact between the heating rod and the pedestal.
【USB rechargeable type】 With the included USB cable, you can easily charge it simply by inserting the USB socket at home, at a car or office. ☆ Attention: Please use with the AC adapter of IQOS.
【Small and light】 Easy to design, small body, convenient to carry. You can use any of the gentle desktops in the office, in the house, on the car, traveling, traveling can carry around, do not occupy space.

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