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IQOS 2.4 Plus exclusive clean mat absorbing mat oil 90 prevents tar oil from entering inside the heating bar / set for electronic tobacco accessories for tobacco heating tobacco accessories for heated tobacco parts

¥ 1,890

IQOS electronic cigarette oil absorption mat —– I will design for your cleanliness.
Made with heat-resistant, oil-absorbent material, easy to install, convenient in specifications.
Penetration penetration is lowered, to the maximum extent prevention of penetration of the tarry into the heating motherboard is prevented, and the heating rod breaks down.

Environmentally friendly, no loss to humans.
Please be careful to use it to simulate the internal trough, so that the heating motherboard will not be damaged.
Material: Food Level with Plant Fiber
Craft: Compress Shank
Quantity: 90 Sheet / Set
Packaging: opp bag Packaging
Advantage: Red Flashes Red Indicator Valid Blinking Oil Absorption capacity is strong The life expectancy will be long. Prevent short circuit of heating motherboard

oil absorption mat is a consumable item, replace after smoking 20 cigarettes It is necessary to do. IQOS electronic cigarette second generation third generation exclusive use oil absorption mat, heat resistant and oil absorption cleaned mat. 90 sheets / set
It is made of high temperature resistant material, it can not be melted, there is no smell, the mouthfeel of smoking cigarette does not affect.
This oil absorption mat effectively prevents fat from penetrating into the inside of the electronic cigarette, preventing IQOS heating motherboard short circuit.
When charging the IQOS heating rod effectively prevents the red pilot lamp from blinking, prevents the IQOS heating rod from charging normally, and then extends the service life of the heating rod.
Recommendation: A single oil absorption mat can support 20 to 40 cigarettes. If you regularly switch the oil absorption mat and use it with IQOS dedicated alcohol swab, the heating rod will be used for a longer period of time.

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