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Product parts upgrade: ON / OFF switch protection function & heat insulation protection function realized
iQos Aikos 2.4 compatible product New version, great advantage: iQos compatible product that can use iQOS cigarette cartridges that can adjust high and low temperature, you can use about 20 cigarettes in a row without recharging with one full charge. The great advantage of it is that you can adjust the temperature at medium, high and low, and you can adjust the taste to be darker or lighter than people like.The size of the smoke changes from the temperature
The applicable product is a low-temperature non-flammable constant temperature heating rod, which is applied to cartridges of the series such as Marlboro / HEETS / parliament. The high-precision electronic circuit inside the main body controls a high-magnification lithium battery to heat the flake heater at a constant temperature. Then, if you press the switch three times quickly in 2 seconds, you can freely switch between high and low temperature modes.The cartridge is a cannonball type, disposable, easy to operate with a single button and convenient to carry
[Full of luxury]90% cut of harmful substances, no sidestream smoke, no odor, and a new era of heat-not-burn tobacco that is kind to your health! The design with attention to detail, the compact size that fits comfortably in your hand, and the sophisticated and fashionable body are full of luxury. Besides, it is hard to get scratches and fingerprints on the outside made by sanding processing, and it realizes the best feel!
[With 90-day warranty]We are constantly striving to improve quality, but in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the product, please contact us and our Japanese staff will respond promptly. It comes with a 3-month manufacturer’s warranty after purchase, so please contact us from the Amazon purchase history. We will always respond responsibly.

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