¥ 980

The industry’s first tape-free iQOS integrated compact design. A fully protective hard case for iQOS that protects the iQOS main unit from scratches and shocks in all directions. We pursued both toughness and thinness. From fragile iQOS to hard-to-break iQOS. It is designed to protect you from the impact of dropping and to prevent scratches.
The cover’s original high-quality metal button parts reproduce the original one-touch opening and closing of Aikos as it is. The metal fittings and fasteners are broken due to a malfunction and the lid does not close. The lid also closes perfectly. This is a case for iQOS that does not require repair. The original appearance and convenient functions of fashionable iQOS, lighting of lights, power ON / OFF, maintenance button, push-type opening and closing are left as they are.
For this product, we have prepared a simple type high-class and durable cosmetic box that is popular for gifts and presents. This Aikosuke is a cute and cool gift for your loved ones.
The main body can be charged while wearing a case, and there is also a convenient strap hole on the back side of the opening and closing part. The one-touch lock function makes it easy to open and close with one hand, and it is a lock hard case that is easy to take out for both men and women, and is easy to carry around, such as cars, travel, outdoor sports, etc.
Compatible models[Compatible with all IQOS models]Product size: W56 x H117 x D31mm Package size: W78 x H147 x D40mm IQOS integrated type / Slim type / One-touch lock type / Fall prevention / Durability / Case for iqos / Hard case for Aikos Brand Name planetcord

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