¥ 3,500

【comfortable】Because it has power, the taste is crisp, and it feels like you are sucking, and it emits smoke like true smoke.

【health】It is a new era heat-not-burn tobacco that cuts 90% of harmful substances, does not emit sidestream smoke, and has no odor, so it is especially recommended for those who can not quit smoking or who are concerned about the odor attached to the room or clothes. !!

【Convenient】It can be fully charged in about 2 hours. You can enjoy about 12 bottles with one full charge. With a storage pouch, it is convenient to carry even when you are out.

【relief】You can use it with peace of mind with functions such as indicating the need for charging, short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, and output voltage protection.

[Excellent design]With the same functional performance flavor as iQOS, almost the same size and smooth feel, it is a specification that can be used with iQOS cartridges.

[Package contents]Dedicated battery * 1 (main unit) -Dedicated atomizer * 1 (main unit) -USB charging cable * 1-Cleaning kit * 1-Storage pouch * 1-Japanese manual included * 1 please note:The metal part that connects to the atomizer cover is a heated part, so it is easy to heat. Please pay attention only to that part.

[IQOS replaceable]iQos compatible product that can use iQOS cigarette cartridges. The same functional performance flavor as iQOS, a design with attention to detail, a sophisticated and fashionable body, and a compact and convenient size. Please purchase the iQOS cartridge separately.
[Health-friendly]90% of harmful substances are cut, no sidestream smoke is emitted, and it is a new era heat-not-burn tobacco that does not smell, so it does not bother people around you.
[With cleaning function]There is no hassle such as cleanliness. You can clean yourself as if you were self-cleaning while the body was heating. 650mAh large capacity battery, you can enjoy about 12 batteries with one full charge.
[Innovative heating system]Adopting the world’s most advanced heat control TM technology, the heating plate generates heat on both sides, so that the feeling of sucking while maintaining a constant temperature will realize the true taste of smoke and the feeling of sucking.
[90-day product warranty]If the product becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use, it will be replaced free of charge within 90 days.[Package contents]: ● Main unit * 1 ● USB charging cable * 1 ● Cleaning kit (15) * 1 ● Japanese manual included * 1 ● Product pass certificate * 1

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