¥ 2,899

[20 cigarettes continuous suction]Toba is a gem with excellent cost performance specially developed for electronic cigarette lovers. It has a mellow and mellow sucking feel like a real cigarette, and has a stylish design even in appearance. With one full charge, you can use about 20 bottles in a row without recharging.
[Innovative tobacco heating system]90% cut of harmful substances, no sidestream smoke, no odor, no fire. There is no ash. There is little odor. Does not pollute the air. We want to heat real tobacco leaves with innovative heat technology, enjoy the original taste of tobacco to the fullest, and reduce the unpleasant feelings of smoke and odors.
[Equipped with vibrator function]It vibrates and notifies you when heating starts, suction is possible, and heating is completed. You can now see the suction start and suction end times without looking at the product indicator lamp. Easy to use even for beginners of heated cigarettes![Protection function]Battery low voltage protection, output terminal short circuit protection, charge overcharge protection, heating timeout protection, temperature inspection protection, output short circuit protection function are installed.
[Battery level at a glance]1. On / Off If you press the on / off button 5 times in 2 seconds, the light will blink 5 times to turn it on. If you do that again, the light will blink 5 times to turn it off. 2. 2. Checking the remaining battery level In standby mode, pressing the button once displays the current remaining battery level. When the battery level of the LED light is 20% or more, the green light turns on, but when the battery level is 20% or less, the blue light turns on. If the battery is less than 5%, the red light will keep blinking 10 times.
[90-day product warranty]If the product becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use, it will be replaced free of charge within 90 days. Set contents: Electronic cigarette * 1 Heating coil * 2 USB charging cable * 1 Manual * 1 Certificate of acceptance * 1

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