¥ 7,980

★[Aikos (IQOS) compatible]Aikos compatible product that can use Aikos cigarette cartridges. The same functional and performance flavor as Aikos, a design with attention to detail, a sophisticated and fashionable body, and a compact and convenient size. Please purchase the iQOS cartridge separately.
★[Smart Touch Awakening]To turn on the power of the main unit, press all the buttons in order by rubbing your finger between the start button at the top and the cleaning button at the bottom. When the main body starts up, the light turns on and the main body vibrates. If there is no operation for 5 minutes, the power will be turned off automatically. To turn off the power of the main unit, rub your finger between the cleaning button at the bottom and the start button at the top, and press all the buttons in order, contrary to when you turn on the power. When the power is turned off, the light will blink and the cleaning button will blink 4 times.
★[High / low temperature adjustment]High / low temperature adjustment is possible according to your own sucking habits. ❉ Temperature control method: You can switch the temperature by pressing the power change button while the main unit is running. The set temperature can be confirmed with the temperature indicator lights 1 to 3.
★[Automatic cleaning]If you click the cleaning button 3 times quickly while the main unit is running, the main unit will vibrate 3 times and automatic cleaning will start. Cleaning is completed in about 20 seconds, and the lamp of the cleaning button goes out. Click the cleaning button three times during cleaning to stop.
★[90-day product warranty]If the product becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use, it will be replaced free of charge within 90 days. Set contents: Battery body x 1, USB charge cable x 1, cotton swab set x 1, Japanese manual x 1

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