¥ 12,988

[Reisuke]2018 latest improved version, iQos Aikos compatible product kecig 2.0 plus A heated electronic cigarette that can be used with Aikos cigarette cartridges. It is a new type of heated electronic cigarette that cuts 90% of harmful substances, does not emit sidestream smoke, and does not smell. * This product is not iQos. Please purchase the iQOS cartridge separately.
[Healthy and environmentally friendly]90% of harmful substances are cut, no sidestream smoke is emitted, and it is a new type of heated electronic cigarette, so it does not bother people around you. Recommended for those who cannot quit smoking or who are concerned about the odor of clothes and rooms! The iQos cartridge type is suitable for this e-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes that use cartridges have a better texture than smoked oil.
[Exquisite design]Design with attention to detail, sophisticated and fashionable body, compact and convenient size, easy to operate. This electronic cigarette uses a sandy feel. The shell feels comfortable and the tank is removable and replaceable. I will never let go of my love.
[Innovative heating system]Adopting the world’s most advanced heat control TM technology, the feeling of sucking realizes the true taste of smoke and the feeling of sucking. Needle heating rod, you can enjoy the original taste and aroma of tobacco, easier to clean. All ceramic heat sheets generate heat, which allows them to heat the cartridge better, evenly and well. Electronic cigarettes that use cartridges have a better texture than smoked oil. You can smoke for 3 and a half minutes with one cartridge.
[With cleaning and charging functions]There is no hassle such as cleanliness. Shells to add insulation, heating rods for needles, easier to clean, no residue. The feeling of cleanliness is always maintained. 900mAh large capacity battery, long battery durability, you can use about 15 on a full charge without recharging. Charging is convenient and fast, it can be charged with a computer, mobile phone charger or mobile battery.

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