¥ 2,124

[Product Description]
ICOKU only cap A cap that allows you to customize your own ICOS with the color of your choice.
You can customize the ICOS holder to your liking ♪
Metallic color is cool!

※ This item is only for caps. IQOS holder is not included in the product.
It has become an ICOS cap full of luxurious feeling plated with increased glossiness further.

【Conformity】 ICos dedicated

※ notes ※
● On the shooting environment, please understand beforehand that the color tones differ.
● Since this product will be an overseas imported item, we may need processing to install it.
Since it becomes overseas imported goods, there are some small scratches etc. at the time of transportation.
● We are not responsible for any problems caused during installation so we are not responsible at all, so thank you in advance for your understanding.

conformity: all types

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