¥ 12,800

1.[Suck 25 bottles continuously]With a large-capacity IQOS compatible machine, you can suck about 25 bottles on a single charge, and each bottle can suck for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, giving the customer the best user experience.
2.[Equipped with vibration function]Equipped with a vibrator function, it is now possible to know the start and end of suction without looking at the indicator lamp of the product.
3.[Easy to clean]The design allows the burner to be removed, and the heating rod can be completely exposed, making it easy to clean. It is a needle-shaped heating rod that does not easily break and has excellent durability. In addition, with the automatic cleaning function installed, when the power is on, press the button 5 times to start automatic cleaning for 10 seconds. You don’t have to clean it with a cleaning swab.
4.[Aikos compatible machine that can check the electric charge]You can see the remaining battery level at a glance; 0-10% for one white lamp; 10% -80% for two white lamps; For example, 88% -100% is displayed. Note: The innermost light is the operation presentation light, and the other three lights are the charge presentation light.
5.[90-day product warranty]If the product becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use, it will be replaced free of charge within 90 days.

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