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iQOS compatible machine Electronic cigarette Large capacity heating type Electronic cigarette 25 Successive sucking ICOS compatible machine Vibrating function mounted constant temperature heating Automatic cleaning function mounted Electronic tobacco compatible item (red)

¥ 12,800

1. [25 continuous sucking suction] Large capacity IQOS It is a compatible machine, which absorbs about 25 books at one time of charging, each book sucks for 3 minutes 30 seconds, giving customers the best user experience.
2. [Vibration function installed] Vibrator function is installed and it is now possible to know the start of suction and the end of suction without looking at the instruction lamp of the product.
3. [Easy to clean] It is designed so that the burner can be taken out, since the heating rod can be completely exposed, it is easy to clean. It is hard to break with a needle type heating bar and it is excellent in durability. In addition, automatic cleaning function equipped, power on state, 5 buttons repeatedly and automatic cleaning of 10 seconds begins. It does not have to be cleaned with a swab.
4. [Icos compatible machine that can check the amount of electricity] You can see the battery level at a glance; 0 to 10% if it is one white lamp; 10% to 80% if it is a two white lamp; If it is a lamp, it displays 88% -100% and the amount of electricity. Please note: the innermost light is the operation presentation light, the other three lights are the electricity presentation lights.
5. [90 day product warranty] If it becomes unusable due to failure in normal use, we will exchange it free of charge within 90 days.

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