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IQOS compatible machine todoo 3000 mAh Built-in battery Large capacity Infinite continuous suction possibility Automatic cleaning function with LCD screen temperature adjustment Battery replaceable Non-smoking goods gift Present 【Boshivapor authorized dealer】 (Black)

¥ 8,480

ICOS compatible machine 【Size】 Overall length 110 mm * Width 24 mm * Thickness 22 mm 【Weight】 97.9 g 【Material】 Stainless steel, ceramic, others 【Warranty period】 Three months 【Set contents】 TODOO main unit * 1 Charging microUSB cable * 1 Brush * 1 Manual * 1 Packing pack * 1 Special Brush * 1 18650 Charger * 1 Attention !! Tobacco stick is not included so please purchase separately. [How to use] Rotate the cover, insert the stick, turn on / off by pressing the main button five times continuously, press and hold for 3 seconds to start preheating, HRAT flashes for 25 seconds on the display, SMOKE After display, heating completion, 18 puffs or 5 minutes and 30 seconds, the main body vibrates, the remaining two puffs or the main body vibrates for 30 seconds and stops.
【No troublesome charging for each one】 Battery with capacity 3500 mAh, battery replaceable, Unlimited number of consecutive sucking. It will be released from stress of that charging. Built-in 18650 charger, with display liquid, charge can be confirmed.
【Deep flavor by uniform heating】 Please try comparing sucking. You can tell the difference in taste. TODOO has a different shape of the heater. In other companies' electronic cigarette, it is a heater like a flat "blade", but Aubark adopts a conical heater. By concentrically heating the leaves in the cigarette stick, heat is transmitted evenly throughout the leaves. Temperature control 5 stages, adjustable at 300 ° C -330 ° C at a time.
[Cleaning function installed] With the main unit ON, press the main button three times to select CLEAN in control mode, enter the cleaning mode after six flashes, cleaning takes 25 seconds. [In case of breakdown by any chance] Sending photos / videos that can confirm the defect status will be mandatory ※ We will inform you separately when sending movies.

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