¥ 8,480

Aikos compatible machine[Size]Overall length 110mm * Width 24mm * Thickness 22mm[Weight]97.9g[Material]Stainless steel, ceramic, etc.[Warranty period]3 months[Set contents]TODOO main unit * 1 MicroUSB cable for charging * 1 Brush * 1 Instruction * 1 Packaging pack * 1 Dedicated brush * 1 18650 Charger * 1 Caution !! Tobacco stick is not included, so please purchase it separately.
[How to use]Rotate the cover, insert the stick, press the main button 5 times continuously to turn it on / off, press and hold for 3 seconds to start preheating, HRAT blinks on the display for 25 seconds, when SMOKE is displayed, When the heating is completed, 18 puffs or 5 minutes and 30 seconds, the main body vibrates, and the remaining 2 puffs or 30 seconds, the main body vibrates and stops.
[No need for troublesome charging of each battery]Equipped with a battery with a capacity of 3500mAh, the battery can be replaced, and the number of continuous batteries is unlimited. You will be released from the stress of that charging. Built-in 18650 charger, with display LCD, you can check the charge.
[Deep taste due to uniform heating]Please try to compare by sucking. You can see the difference in taste. TODOO has a different heater shape. In electronic cigarettes made by other companies, it is a flat “blade” -like heater, but in Aubark, a conical heater is used. By heating the leaves inside the tobacco stick concentrically, the heat is transferred evenly throughout the leaves. Temperature control can be adjusted in 5 steps, 300 ° C-330 ° C each.
[Equipped with cleaning function]With the main unit turned on, press and hold the main button 3 times to select CLEAN with control mode, and when it blinks 6 times, it will enter cleaning mode. Cleaning takes 25 seconds.[In the unlikely event that a failure occurs]It is essential to send photos and videos that can confirm the malfunction status. * We will inform you separately when sending videos.

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