¥ 2,050

[Iqos electric cleaner]Brush rotation rate is 14000 times / minute, and it has a surprisingly amazing cleaning power compared to conventional manual cleaners. The electric cleaner can remove dirt in more inaccessible places with just vibration for 5 seconds without damaging the main body. Remove stubborn tar, tar and heat stick debris and clear it instantly!
[Improved brush]The brush has been improved so that it does not break easily. Even if the brush becomes dirty, it can be easily washed with water or a neutral detergent. A spare brush is also included, and if the brush should break, it can be replaced.
[Easy to operate]Cleaning starts with a light push of the main body, the cleaning time is about 5-10 seconds, and you can use it many times depending on your needs. Compatible with all iQOS, iQOS 2.4, iQOS 2.4 PLUS, and iQOS 3.0.
[Convenient to carry]Product size 105 x 29 mm, actual weight is only 56 g, and can be easily put in your pocket or bag. 350mAh large capacity battery, can be used for about half a year on a single charge, very convenient for business trips and travel!
[PSE certified, patented product, one year quality guarantee]Please be assured that our electric cleaner has obtained all PSE, CE, ROHS, KC certification and Aikos Cleaner patents. With a 12-month quality guarantee, if you have any problems during use, we will feel free to contact you at any time, and we will respond within 24 hours of customer service.

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