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IQOS Electronic cigarette 2.4 / 2.4 Plus compatible machine replacement electric cleaner vibration cleaner brush USB charging cleaning and cleaning brush ICOS holder Cleaner (black)

¥ 2,480

In order for ICOS to last longer, correct cleaning is indispensable!

When you heat a cigarette stick, tar, yani and dirt will surely occur. Dirt and smell of tar can not be dropped just by washing the cleaning stick and alcohol. The EC – 100 is a cleaner that keeps the iQOS holder in its best condition, cleanly stubborn heat – stick waste. In order to maintain a clear taste, careful maintenance is indispensable.

Compact and easy to carry

The weight of the EC – 100 is only 61 g, it is a stylish compact size, it is recommended for those traveling or traveling for a long time. Also, according to the iQOS User's Guide, cleaning once every time you use a box of cigarette sticks (20). If you have EC-100, do not worry about traveling, let's enjoy iQOS.

Relief Safety Cleaning Power

Gently Dropping Yani Dirt
Clean the Detail Cleanly
Keeping the Holder Clean by Wiping the Dirt

disinfection and deodorization decomposition washing

scraping away skimmer dirt
burning scum can also be thoroughly dropped
sticky burning debris is also detailed
Clean the iQOS holder and keep the taste

Electric cleaner to replace the manual cleaner
Instantly remove tarry and burning
Can be replaced brushes
USB rechargeable and repeatable use
LED light function installation
Cap and brush are easily removable by magnet type
How to use:

Please clean the holder every time you smoke a cigarette stick.
With iQOS powered off and cold, pull both caps.
Insert the cleaner brush into the iQOS holder as shown in the figure.
Pressing the main unit starts cleaning, and ends in 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Then pull out the cleaner. The electric cleaner automatically turns off.
Afterwards wipe the surroundings with a tissue and combine the cleaned holders again.

How to replace the brush:

As shown in the figure, take out the protective cover of the brush counterclockwise.
I see a brush.
Remove the brush
Insert a new brush.


* Because there is fear that the heating blade breaks, please do not apply excessive force.
* If you have stubborn dirt, please clean first. After that, please use the EC – 100 to clean the holder.
* Please do not use continuously. Please wait 10 seconds or more before next use.
* If the brush is damaged or has been used for a week, replace it with a new brush.

Product Size: Width 25.5 mm x Depth 22 mm x Vertical 95.5 mm
Body Weight: 41 g
Package Size: Width 76.5 mm x Depth 31 mm x Height 123 mm [Packageweight:60cm/2ft
Cable length: 60 cm / 2 ft
Package content: Electric cleaner body for iQOS, dedicated USB cable

【Drop the residue in a moment】 – Put the iQOS holder in the ELIO electric cleaner and start cleaning, In just 5 seconds take the stubborn yani, tar and heat stick debris and clear instantly! Dirty quietly, easy to clean.
The cleaner brush cleans sticky dirt and solids. Because it is a magnetic type, it is easy to remove the brush.
【LED light loading】 – The cleaner can be charged. The light is on while charging. When charging is completed, the light turns off. It has been charged in about 40 minutes. In the case of full charge, when using it once a day every day, it can be used for about 2 months. [Supported models] – iQOS (released in 2014 model), iQOS 2.4 (released in 2015 model), iQOS 2.4 PLUS (released in 2017 model), IQOS compatible machine. It is an electric cleaner dedicated to iQOS and can support all iQOS.

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