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iQOS Holder Charger iQOS Holder Charger iQOS ICOS Dedicated Charger Direct Charger Fast Charging (Dark Blue)

¥ 1,280

Magnet Type Icos Charger Entrusted Charging

♦ Built-in Magnetic Fixation It charges it to IQOS, by the method.
♦ Full charge in just 5 minutes! It is faster than a genuine pocket charger. ♦ Circuit protection design ensures safe and secure charging!
◆ Attention: Falling in use leads to damage. Please charge in a stable condition.
Product usage:

1. This product can be used in cars, home and office, car charger and AC charging We will use the instrument to supply power. (Usable charger: 5 V 1.5 A to 2.4 A)
2. Connect to the USB port of the personal computer or USB charger with the included cable, or use the charger of the MicroUSB direct attachment cable , You can supply power to the cradle. When the capacity of the charger is 5 V 1.5 A or less, full charge to the IQOS stick will be delayed.
3. Insert the MicroUSB terminal into the MicroUSB female boat of the cradle, start feeding electricity, the LED light will be lit in blue.
4. Insert the IQOS stick into the cradle and both the LED on the cradle and the LED on the stick blink blue, then start charging. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes until it is fully charged.
5. If you drop it while using it, it may be damaged. Please stop.


Dimensions: 41.8 * 25.8 * 35.1 mm
Weight: 30 g
Product color: white / dark blue
Input current: DC 5V 1.5 A
Input voltage: DC 4.75 V to 5.25 V
LED light color: blue
Charger LED operation: flashing blue
Charged LED operation: ON
Charging time: 3 to 5 minutes
Operating environment – 10 to 40
Accessories: USB to MicroUSB 1 m charge dedicated code

Package content: 1 * IQOS Holder Charger (ICOS Holder not included)
1 * MicroUSB Cable

Caution: The color tone of the photograph depends on the model and setting of your monitor Actual products may vary. It is a charger for a holder that can charge an ICos holder directly, it will not get in the way even if it is placed in a small size anywhere, even in the office or in the car, it is easy to put it. Also, since this product is light, it is easy to carry and it does not get in the way at all when putting it in a bag.
Since charging port is attached behind, if you think that pocket charger is in the way, you can charge directly with USB cable. very convenient.
Charging is very fast. If you charge with USB cable, you can charge in just 3 minutes. I made this product so that I can absorb another one as soon as I smoke one.
In many cases (bedroom, office, car, desktop etc) you can use. If you want to enjoy an ICOS while you go out but you think that it is troublesome if the battery runs out, let's buy this Holder char! You can enjoy ICOS anytime, anywhere.
Size: 41.8 * 25.8 * 35.1 MM; Weight: 30 g; Import: DC 5 V / 1.5 A; Charging: Blue light flashes; Charging done: Blue lights on; Working temperature: 10 ° to 70 ° Charging time: 3-5 minutes

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