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iQOS ICOS Case 2.4plus Compatible Compatible Charge Lock Hard Cover Planetcord Genuine Protection Full Protective Claw Bent Lid Cover Thin Lightweight Japan Specifications Latest Type 2018 (Clear)

¥ 980

Industry's First Tape-Free iQOS Integrated Compact Design. Fully protected type hard case for iocos which protects iQOS itself from scratches and shocks in all directions. We pursued the balance of ruggedness and thinness. To fragile iQOS to iQOS hard to break. It is a secure design that protects from the shock of the fall and is difficult to be scratched.
I made it to the one which reproduced the original one-touch opening and closing as it is with the unique high quality metal button parts of the cover. It is a case for iQOS which does not require repair which closes the lid which does not close the lid due to failure due to breakage of the bracket fastener. Fashionable iQOS original appearance and convenient function, light on, power on / off, maintenance button, push type opening and closing intact.
This product has prepared a sturdy dressing box with a simple type of luxury popular with gifts and gifts. Come this gift for a cute, cool and loved one.
The main body can be recharged while playing kicks, a convenient strap hole is attached to the back side of the opening and closing part. It is a lock hard case compatible with various scenes which are cheap to carry such as cars and travel outdoor sports etc. Easy to open and close easily with one hand with one-touch lock function, smooth men's women's stick easily.
Corresponding model 【Corresponding model of IQOS】 Product size: W56 × H117 × D31 mm Package size: W78 × H 147 × D 40 mm IQOS integrated type / Slim type / One touch lock type / Fall prevention / Durability / Case for iqos / ICOS Hard case brand name planetcord

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