¥ 2,488

【iQOS replaceable】 ICOS cigarette cartridge It is an iQos compatible item that can be used. Function same as iQOS Performance Flavor, design sticking to details, sophisticated stylish body, compact and portable convenient size. Please purchase iQOS cartridge separately.
【with cleaning function】 There is no troubles such as cleanliness. You can clean yourself as the body performs self cleaning while heating. 900 mAh large capacity battery, about 12 full charge with one full charge can be enjoyed.
[Health-friendly] Hazardous substances cut by 90%, no sidestream smoke, no smell, it is a new-era heated cigarette, so do not bother the surrounding people.
[Innovation heating system] Adopting the world's most advanced heat control TM technology, the heating plate keeps a certain temperature by heating on both sides, the sucking feeling realizes the smoke taste and smoke feeling of true smoke let's do it.
[90 day product warranty] If it becomes unusable due to failure in normal use, we will exchange it free of charge if it is within 90 days. 【Package contents】: ● Main body * 1 ● USB charging cable * 1 ● Cleaning kit (15) * 1 ● With Japanese instructions * 1 ● Product passing certificate * 1

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