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iQOS ICOS compatible electronic cigarette starter kit CERAMIC HEAT SHEET HEATING TYPE CARTRIDGE FOR LARGER CAPACITY BATTERY SWITCH TYPE Rapid Charge Smoke Smoking Smoking Smoke Reduction Support

¥ 8,000

Adopting the world's most advanced heat control TM technology, high precision electronic circuit High-magnification lithium batteries can be controlled, and they can be uniformly heated with a low temperature non-combustible constant temperature heating rod that maintains a constant temperature, so enjoy a satisfying taste.
Applies to a series of cartridges such as Marlboro / HEETS / parliament. Suck on 4 minutes with 1 heating. You can suck 13 cartridges with one full charge. And you can complete charging in 1 hour. There is no need to wait.
Adopt an easy-to-understand interface by "vibration" and "LED indicator" to confirm the operation, giving customers the best user experience. How to use: Power on: After pressing the button for about 3 seconds, the main unit will shake. Preheat mode: When the power is turned on, the main unit automatically starts preheating for 10 seconds. The green operation lamp blinks during the preheating process. After 10 seconds you will be informed that the body will tremble and start suctioning. The green working lamp lights up. Smoking mode: When preheating mode is over, you enter 210 second smoking mode. After 210 seconds you will be informed that the body trembles and sucks up. The green working lamp turns off. Coefficient display: When the power indicator lights up in blue, the remaining battery power remains 30% or more. When the power indicator is lit in red, the remaining battery power remains 30% or less.
It is a new-generation heated cigarette that does not emit sidestream smoke, does not smell with harmful substance 90% cut, it is health-friendly! Design sticking to details, sophisticated fashionable body is full of luxury. Besides, it makes scratches on the outside made by sanding process and realizes the best touch!
Product warranty for 60 days: If it becomes unusable due to malfunction in normal use, we will exchange it free of charge within 60 days. 【Package Contents】: ● Body * 1 ● Cleaner Brush * 1 ● Swab * 1 ● User Guide * 1 ● Product Passing Instructions ● USB Charge Cable * 1

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