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IQOS Icos compatible machine Next generation heating type electronic cigarette 25 continuous suction QOQ 2400 mAh Large capacity electronic tobacco starter kit Metal surface 20 seconds Preheating 300-400 ° C Temperature control automatic cleanliness USB rechargeable vibration with Japanese instructions ★ [一時停止設計/簡単に清潔] Ordinary In the working state, the work time per work is 260 seconds. Double click on the button to pause smoking. Depending on a sudden incident, please pause smoking and press the button twice. Never waste it. The automatic decarbonization function of the heating needle is convenient for separating design and removal in the exothermic storage of the patent and inside the cartridge, and easy to clean.
★ 【New generation heating electronic cigarette】 QOQ 2nd generation heating type electronic cigarette, ceramic heating needle, PSE certification, complete heating, pure taste. 2400 mah high quality battery, 25 continuous use. There is CNC highlight cut on the surface, CD pattern makes the product more texture. High and low temperature adjustment is possible. US imported PEEK heat-resistant materials are safe and durable. Work temperature of 300-400 degrees, preheating time 20 seconds. Each working time is 26 s, with a unique pause function to avoid waste. The heating needle is automatically carbonized and cleaned, the cartridge is removed and cleaned. Tobacco leaves are not burned, they do little harm to health and there is no secondhand smoke.
★ 【Powerful / Charging is convenient】 QOQ employs high quality 18650 lithium battery of 2400 mah. Strong power absorb you 25 consecutive hot at high temperature and 30 continuous at low temperature. The electricity of the battery is intuitive and convenient, displaying four colors of green, yellow, yellow and red. The MircroUS charging port (5 V / 1 – 2 A) is compatible, it adapts personal computers, car charges, mobile power supplies and so on. You can charge anytime, anywhere. QOQ is compatible with the mainstream stick of the market, for example HETS, FIIT, Marlloro, you can choose freely according to your preference.
★ [使いやすい/2パターン調整] Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to start work, and press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to stop work. Preheat for 20 seconds, temperature reaches working temperature, and smoking is started by vibration. The operating temperature of 2 patterns is controlled by the bottom switch and two colors of yellow and green are displayed. You can adjust the working temperature according to your preference and brand of tobacco stick.
★ [認証完備/良好な互換性] QOQ heated electronic cigarette passed the Japanese PSE certification. Certificate number: MTS / JNY / E 18090742. In addition to protecting the battery core and main circuit board in battery protection measures of similar products, we have also improved the battery protection function. Accident to make products safer and more safe QOQ is the only product that uses protective plate batteries. Package Included: QOQ 1 Heated Electronic Cigarette Body, 1 MircoUSB Cable, 1 Storage Bag, 1 Japanese Instruction Manual.

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