¥ 9,000

※ In order to use it requires an optional iQOS only cigarette "Marlboro Heat Stick". ※ Marlboro heat stick of the image is not attached. ※ For color appearance, depending on the settings of your monitor etc., it may be different, so please be forewarned. Heated cigarette "iQOS" of a new era which has no sidestream smoke and harmless odor by 90% cut of harmful substances. Recommended for those who can not stop smoking or who are concerned about odors attached to rooms and clothes! There is also a feeling of smoking firmly, steam like smoke comes out.
Set contents: iQOS holder, pocket charger, dedicated AC adapter, exclusive USB cable, special cleaner brush, user guide
Holder size: diameter 9.5 cm × circumference 1 cm / charger size: vertical 11 cm × side 5.5 cm × Depth × 2 cm

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