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iQOS / jouz Electric Cigarette Kit Exclusive Electric Cleaner 【Rotary & 5S Wash】 ELIO EC-100 Electric Cigarette Starter Kit Exclusive Electric Cleaning Brush Automatic Washing Machine iQOS 2.4Plus Clean Brush Dirt Cleaning Magnetic Cap With Convenient Brush for Portability "Quality Warranty "(Black)

¥ 3,680

【Genuine Patents】: Please check sales / exhibitors: 【EURPMASK Direct】 before purchasing. EURPMASK is an authorized distributor of ELIO electric cleaners.
【PSE certification · safety】: The product is PSE certified, safety up! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ For accurate usage, search "YQUEE cleaner" in the search column of Youtube, please see the video of Mikasu-Channel's "IQOS OK! Electric Cleaner is too easy!"
【Rechargeable electric cleaner / labor saving】: Switching the conventional manual cleaner, because it is electric type, you can clean the residue cleanly up to the prompt by dropping the residue in a moment. In addition, the charging function is also installed, it is possible to use for about two months in case of full charge, when using once a day once a day.
【Light weight easy to operate · Easy operation】: Compact size (length 95.5 mm) · Light weight (approx. 41 g) By design, it is light and easy to use with one hand. Easy to clean without exhausting. Also, since it has a replacement brush, you can replace it if you need to clean it. ※ [Caution]: 1, If ​​you use it once a day, we recommend that you change once a week. 2. When the brush is deformed, there is a risk of breaking the heating blade of iQOS at high speed rotation, so do not wash it with your hands when washing the brush. You can just wear it in a cool water bath and wear it in the shade.
[Quality Assurance · Reliable]: Since all our products have quality assurance, please feel free to contact us if there is any problem if the item arrives. This is returned goods.If refund.It will substitute free of charge again. It is a store for our shop. We will satisfy your expectations as much as possible. 【Package Contents】: iQOS exclusive electric cleaner body, cleaning brush, USB cable

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