¥ 3,680

[PSE certification / safety]: The product has acquired PSE certification to improve safety! ★★★★★ For accurate usage, search for “iqos cleaner” in the Youtube search field and watch the video “IQOS is OK! Electric cleaner is too easy!” On Mikasu-Channel.
[Rechargeable electric cleaner / labor saving]: Since it is an electric type by switching from the conventional manual cleaner, you can instantly remove the residue and clean every corner. It also has a charging function, which can be used for about two months when fully charged and used once a day.
[Lightweight and easy to hold and operate]: Compact size (length 95.5mm) and lightweight (approx. 41g) design makes it light and easy to use with one hand. You can easily clean it without getting tired. It also comes with a replacement brush, so if you need to clean it, you can replace it. *[Caution]: 1. If you use the product once a day, we recommend that you replace it once a week. 2. If the brush is deformed, it may break the iQOS heating blade at high speed, so when you wash the brush, do not wash it by hand. You can just shake it in warm water and dry it in the shade to put it on.
[Quality Assurance / Reliable]: All of our products have quality assurance, so if you have any problems when the products arrive, please feel free to contact us. This is a return, refund, replacement, and free support. It is a store that has customers for us. We will meet your expectations as much as possible.
[Package contents]: iQOS dedicated electric cleaner body, cleaning brush, USB cable

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