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Buy new version iQOS 3 / iQos 3.0 Multi Devices set from Japan


New version, iQos 3 / iQos 3 Multi is available from 15th November, 2018

Good news to iQos users who is worrying using delicate iQos 2.4 plus (icos)

Finally next generation model of iQos was announced! Its name is “iQos 3” and “iQos Multi” (continuous smokable model) .

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Start selling nine iqos stores and online iqos store from November 15, 2018 in Japan, and this will be main stream device in 2019.

2 New types of iQos 3 devices (previous version = iQos 2.4 plus)

The announcement was held at Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This presentation was made ahead of the world, because of  popularity of IQos in Japan.

In the first half of the presentation, Philippe Morris International CEO explained that the number of users in Japan is prominent in the world,

and so Japan is the place for first announcement of iqos 3 in the world.

The successor of the iqos 2.4 Plus = iqos 3.

And, iqos 3 multi = the holder and the charger became one piece, and continuous smoking is available.

New iqos 3 device

In the conventional model, the lid was easy to break, but new iqos 3 has a side opening lid, and you can pull out the holder by pressing the lower part of the main body.

The holder enters smoothly in all directions. The holder never falls by the magnet. Easier to charge than before.

Charging time is shortened by 40 seconds. iqos 2.4Plus is around 4 minutes, so iqos 3 = around 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

New iqos 3 Multi device

This is the first continuous smoking model of iqos.

A bit thicker than ploomthech, but it is lightweight and has only about 50 grams.

Slide the lid of the top and use heat stick.

When cleaning, pull out the top part and use a special cleaning tool to avoid damaging heat plate.

Possible up to 10 consecutive smoking when fully charged.

iQos 3 price

new iqos 3 = 10980 YEN

new iqos 3 Multi = 8980 YEN

Heatsticks (tobacco heat sticks) for iqos

7 heatsticks flavors available from Marlboro. (form is only for 4 basic flavors, so please send us message when you’d like to order new flavors)

Regular flavor (Blue) iqos heatsticks

Balanced Regular flavor (light Blue) iqos heatsticks

Menthol flavor (Green) iqos heatsticks

Mint flavor (light Green) iqos heatsticks

Purple menthol flavor (Purple) iqos heatsticks

Smooth regular flavor (Silver) iqos heatsticks

Yellow menthol flavor (Yellow) iqos heatsticks

And now additional flavors are available from HEETS

Silver iqos heets heatsticks

bronze iqos heets heatsticks

yellow iqos heets heatsticks

emerald iqos heets heatsticks