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IQOS3 USB charging cable 1m [for iQOS3 DUO / iQOS3 MULTI] ICONSHOP IC-TNC1WH (white)

¥ 680

Product specification
[Product name] iQOS3 / iQOS3 MULTI compatible USB charging cable IC-TNC1WH [Manufacturer] ICON SHOP
[Compatible equipment (charging equipment)] iQOS3 series (iQOS3 DUO / iQOS3 MULTI / iQOS3 (A1504))
iQOS 2.4PLUS is not available.
[Connection standard] USB-C (2.0) (male)-USB A (2.0) (male)
[Supported output] 5V / 2.0A
[Cable length] Approx. Including)
[Color] White
[Accessories] Cable x1 /
* 1) Please use a charger that supports output of 2A or more.
* When charging with a computer or a device with 2A output or less, it takes longer to charge than the included charger.
* When using a USB mobile battery, some models may not be available.

This product is not a registered product of Philip Morris Japan.
USB charging cable for both iQOS3 DUO and iQOS3 MULTI models.
It can be charged not only with the included USB charger, but also with the existing iQOS USB charger, PC, in-car USB charger and smartphone USB charger (* 1).
This product is almost the same size as the iQOS3 accessory cable. The charging terminal, which is common with third-party products, is not caught in the charging port of the special case, and it does not mean that the case is removed and charged.
White cable of the same color as the accessory. Uses highly durable, flame-retardant cable material.
In the unlikely event that you receive a defective product, please contact us and we will return or exchange it. * IQOS 2.4PLUS cannot be used.

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