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iSMOD II iQOS ICOS compatible machine heating type cigarette double holder magnetic rechargeable type 7 patent acquisition white

¥ 9,999

[製品の保証について] warranty subject matter only within 6 months from the date of purchase confirmed if fault is caused by the correct usage method We will repair and replace it later. * Consumables will be out of warranty. When exchanging parts, we will take the expenses based on our price list. * For troubles and malfunctions that occurred artificially, such as breakdown during cleaning, it is not covered by the warranty. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ※ It will be subject to warranty for breakdown due to excessive continuous smoking. ※ Please be aware that putting the cigarette butts in hot condition is dangerous to burns. ※ Smoking is from 20 years old. Smoking by minors is prohibited by law.

1x cleaning brush

1x cleaning plate

1 x cleaning plate

1 x cleaning plate

Quantity: 1

Weight : 37.5 grams

Li-ion battery singular: 1

Watt hour: 7.40 grams

Next-generation magnetic rechargeable electronic cigarette gathered future technologies gathered! "Confidential work of acquiring multiple patents" Double holder design at the world head · World magnetic neck magnetic charging method · Dense electric resistance comparison type temperature control
With the double holder developed independently, iSMOD II has no time to wait, You can enjoy yourselves.
"Ceramics Blade Heating" Adopting an innovative ceramic blade, excellent in heat resistance and durability, excellent supplyability, keeping a rich flavor.
Dense temperature control of electrical resistance comparison formula allows you to reduce tobacco taste to the utmost limit.
Product Battery Specifications: 【Type: Lithium Ion】 【Quantity: 1】 【Weight: 37.5 g】 【Lithium-ion Battery Singe: 1】 【Wattage: 7.40 g】

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