Buy from any stores in Japan / Bid on Japanese auction items. Personal Shopper Service / Auction Agent Service provider in Japan. Buy items in Japan, Repack, and Send to You.
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Japan Auction bidding service

Yahoo Auction Japan / Mbok bidding service

We can buy Japan auction items for you.

Place bid for you, and after winning the item,

communicate with the seller, pay for the item, receive it and ship to you.

Any questions welcome !

Yahoo Auction Japan and Mbok Auction

Japan has 2 famous internet auction sites , one is “Yahoo Auction” and the other is “Mbok auction” (Rakuten auction was closed).

Yes, we know you know eBay very well, but unfortunately, eBay is NOT famous in Japan and there aren’t many items listed.

Therefore, you will need to find your product in Yahoo Auction or Mbok Auction to see many good deals.

Common Problems

You will face these common problems

when you are trying to place bid on the auction in Japan.

Japan Auction Typical Problems

  • Can’t find what I’m looking for… only Japanese Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana is available !? No English? oh my god…
  • Buyer can’t complete transactions for some reason. For example, they can’t read “I want to buy this” !?
  • Seller can’t ship their item internationally, outside of Japan.
  • How can I pay a seller in Yahoo Auction ?
  • No proxy ? No agent, No tenso !? how can I buy this item !?

We have a solution !

We have a solution !

You don’t need to waste your time with Japanese language barrier.

With our Auction bidding service, you can bid on the auction without problem.

Send us request through request form, with URL and MAX BIDDING PRICE.
Wait for our reply… Quote and information for your request
Confirm Order and Pay with your Credit Card or Paypal
We’ll bid on the auction for you.

We’ll refund to you if we could win the item lower than MAX BIDDING PRICE.

Our Charge for our Auction Service

1500 YEN minimum and 10% of item cost,

if we couldn’t win the item with MAX BIDDING PRICE given, then we can refund to you (all cost – 1500 YEN)

Also, we cannot change MAX BIDDING PRICE later , so please set MAX BIDDING PRICE carefully.

1. Any questions are welcome !

2. Estimation of buying cost.

3. Please Pay for the buying cost.

Please Send us a detail about your request

with form

Please send us a request with yahoo auction / mbok auction URLs, and MAX BIDDING PRICE for the item.

Please check e-mail address carefully before submit. As e-mail is the only communication tool for both of us.

We’ll send e-mail to you

We’ll send you cost estimation, and additional information.

Please take a look, and check how much will it be. Please check spam folder if you couldn’t receive reply from us about within 24 hours.

We’ll send you invoice

After agreement for the cost estimation, we’ll send you invoice for buying cost.

Please pay with paypal, also you can pay our invoice by your credit card.

4. Place Bid on the auction for you !

5. Please Pay for Shipping cost.

6. Enjoy tracking !

We’ll place bid

After received payment from you, we’ll place bid.

Please wait for our next update, we’ll contact you again after we’ve won the auction, and repack properly.

We’ll send you another invoice

After we’ve received your items, we’ll repack and tell you international shipping cost.

Please check international shipping cost and pay invoice for international shipping cost.

We’ll ship to you ASAP

After received international shipping cost, we’ll ship to you as soon as possible.

You can track your package with tracking system, we never ship items without tracking number.

Send Us Request Anytime !

Talk to our staff, and you can get what you need soon !

There’s no charge for enquiries / questions, so please feel free to contact us.

Get Reply within 24 hours !