¥ 6,980

Colorful youth, beautiful and passionate [Latest improvement]This product G1_PLUS You can use about 20 bottles in a row without recharging with one full charge, satisfying your daily demands. Adopts a constant temperature heating ceramic plate, it can be heated more evenly, and the taste when inhaled is greatly improved compared to the old model! You can now feel the original clear taste of tobacco leaves without any unpleasant taste.It has a reputation of being “stronger in taste and more chewy” than before.
[Adjustable high / low temperature]You can adjust high / low temperature according to your own sucking habit. ❉ Temperature control method: Press the switch 3 times quickly within 2 seconds before and after heating to switch the temperature gear. Blue LED rides are referred to as low temperature gear, and white LED rides are referred to as high temperature.
[With self-cleaning function]When turning on the power, press the switch 5 times quickly in 2 seconds, self-cleaning starts while the pink LED light turns on, and after 30 seconds the light turns off and cleaning is completed. ❉ Note: Self-clean at least once daily to enjoy the best taste.
[With vibration / easier to use]One button is attached! No complicated operations or settings! ❉ Sucking method: Press and hold for 5 seconds from the power off state to turn on the power; then press the heat stick with the power on Insert it and press it 3 times to start vibrating / blinking once; 3 seconds later, it will vibrate twice / when the light turns on, you will be able to smoke. When smoking is completed, the motor will vibrate once, the LED light will be turned off at the same time, and the energy saving mode will be entered. Easy to use even for beginners of heat-not-burn tobacco!
[90-day product warranty]If the product becomes unusable due to a malfunction during normal use, it will be replaced free of charge within 90 days. Set contents: Battery body x 1, USB charge cable x 1, cotton swab set x 1, Japanese manual x 1

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