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More freely, more active. 8th generation Core & # 8482; processor. Mobile PC that you want to take out anywhere Even as a main PC with high performance 8th generation CPU loaded High performance "8th generation Intel & reg; Core & # 8482; i5 processor "Installed. Because it corresponds to quad core despite energy saving, it can be fully utilized as a main PC. Thin, lightweight, robust body with a compact & reliable body Three-sided slim bezel and magnesium lithium alloy on the top and bottom of the body realize lightweight and compact while maintaining rigidity. In addition, it clears a surface pressurization test of 150 kgf assuming compression in a bag etc. when carrying. Even in the drop test from desk height (76 cm), we have confirmed that SSD data is not damaged. (When not operating) * There is no guarantee of no failure, no breakage. Equipped with SSD that can be used immediately when power is turned on Storage is equipped with high speed, power saving, and shock resistant SSD. With the power on, you can start up quickly and work quickly. A touch panel is mounted on a 2 in 1 ultra light body that can be used even while standing in the train. Furthermore, since the liquid crystal part rotates 360 degrees, it can change smoothly also to the tablet PC. You can use it according to the usage scene, with notebook PC at the time of document creation, on tablet PC while traveling. / 4562447044376

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