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¥ 188,799

will want to carry a daily impression of lightness ◆ video of detail, small characters also clearly seen in the video detail, also seen in the clear fine character of the spreadsheet Thailand. Equipped with a high-definition display of IGZO LCD to respond to their needs. ◆ assuming the pressure in carry around in a bag with peace of mind every day in a bag, the body clears the surface pressure test of 150kgf (non-operating). ※ failure, it does not guarantee non-destruction. ◆ available to other PC optical disk drive in the “optical disk drive sharing settings tool”, you can do such as the installation of the data of the copy and apps. ◆ enjoy the sound with realistic video and music “more natural sound, sound like you hear on the spot” and Yamaha AudioEngine to enjoy, equipped with an audio player that supports playback of high-resolution sound source. ◆ switching notebook, tablet, the interface is automatically easy-to-use screen of the change in the automatic Windows 10 in an easy-to-use screen. / OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel ® Core ™ i7-6500U processor (2.50GHz)
memory: 8GB
graphics accelerators: (built into the CPU) Intel ® HD Graphics 520
display: 13.3-inch wide full touch panel flat Super Shine view LED LCD (WQHD)

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