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Ocean-C T1 IQOS compatible machine Large capacity heating type Electronic cigarette 25 Successive sucking ICOS compatible machine Vibrating function installed Erroneous operation prevention possible Automatic cleaning function mounted Electronic cigarette compatible item (Black)

¥ 4,700

Heating type electronic cigarette 【25 consecutive sucking IQOS Compatible machine】 With a large capacity ICOS compatible machine, 25 consecutive sucks. Every piece gets 3 minutes 30 seconds as genuine.
[Automatic cleaning function installed] Automatic cleaning of 25 seconds is started by pressing 5 buttons in the power-on state. It does not have to be cleaned with a swab. Please note: Clean at least once every day.
[Icos compatible machine that can check the amount of electricity] 0 to 10% for one white lamp; 10% to 80% for two white lamps; 88% -100% for three white lamps; It displays. Please note: The innermost light is the operation presentation light, and the other three lights are the electricity presentation light.
[Possible misoperation prevention possible] In the power off state, if you press the button three times, the button will unlock if the operation presentation lamp is white; if the operation presentation lamp is red, the button will lock.
[Relief] If it is a failure of normal use, it can be exchanged for a new article within 3 months.

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