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optical drive built-in 2 in 1 So of, on the go, even comfortable in the office. ◆ Japanese version of Cortana corresponding Windows 10 stability is higher in the installed high-speed, pre-install the Windows 10 with Advanced Security. When you add information, such as that in Cortana are interested, more can be provided with the latest information on recommended that is customized for individuals, and improve usability. ◆ latest sixth-generation Intel CPU equipped with the CPU, equipped with the latest Intel Core i5-6200U processor. Arithmetic processing and graphics processing performance is high, large work of multitasking and load as well, you can stress-free. ◆ 12.5-inch also be rotated 360 degrees the display to turn the 2 in 1 notebook that can be used as a large-screen tablet, quickly to the style change. Even as the 12.5-inch notebook PC, and it can also be used as a large-screen tablet. In addition, adopted a rugged two-axis hinge of its own design, is also safe repetition of style change. ◆ by the acceleration sensor and a dedicated firmware on renewable the main board of the optical disk in tablet-style, drive the horizontal in the tablet-style (0 °) other than the direction (90 ° / 180 ° / 270 °) But, of the optical disc playback Is possible. By detecting a certain angle of inclination, that does not allow a reduction or recording the start of the rotation speed, to reduce the media with a wound during the operation. ◆ while maintaining a comfortable keyboard thin body of key stroke 2mm, realize the 2mm key stroke. Key pitch also ensure the same horizontal 19mm 14.0-inch LX series, unbelievably and 2 in 1 PC You have to allow a comfortable keyboard operation. / Optical drive built-in full-spec 2in1

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