¥ 254,815

High efficiency at your desk or on the move. Make your business smart. ◆ LTE compatible model Built-in module compatible with DoCoMo’s communication service using the data communication standard LTE. Comfortable data communication is possible. You can use the Internet without the need for a router or mobile phone connection. ◆ Japanese version Cortana compatible Windows 10 installed Pre-installed Windows 10 with high speed, high stability, and enhanced security. Adding information, such as your interest in Cortana, will improve your usability by providing you with the latest, personalized and recommended information. ◆ The latest 6th generation Intel CPU-equipped CPU is equipped with the latest Intel Core i7-6500U processor. It has high arithmetic processing and graphic processing performance, and can perform multitasking and heavy-duty work without stress. ◆ Easy-to-type keyboard Despite its thin body, it achieves a keystroke of 2 mm. In addition, the leaf-shaped key top considers finger movement and rounds the upper left and lower right corners of the key to reduce finger catching. In addition, the cursor keys have been made independent to pursue ease of typing. ◆ Comfortable wheel pad You can scroll up, down, left and right by tracing the edge. You can easily check data such as browsing websites and long spreadsheets vertically and horizontally. Built-in optical drive weighs about 1050g.Long-time battery of about 21 hours, LTE compatible

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