¥ 1,980

★ Because of its popularity, the 50m portable size is now on sale. ★ From the end of April, it can be used not only for cleaning Aikos but also for cleaning the screen of PCs and smartphones. Please try! The unique cleansing process restores the luster and shine of the electronic cigarette cleaner. do you know? The recommended cleaning frequency for e-cigarettes is to clean once after each box is smoked! Regular cleaning not only keeps the tobacco delicious, but also avoids breakdowns caused by clogged tobacco leaves! Our PLEMIST is a completely new and safe cleaner that you can drink! You can easily remove persistent tar stains just by spraying. A safe cleaner made in Japan developed exclusively for electronic cigarettes. It can be used for iQOS, glo, etc. Instantly removes tar stains and sebum stains on cigarettes. The easy-to-hold 100ml size is the most popular size. * This cleaner has passed the beverage inspection for safety, but it is not drinking water, so please do not drink it.[Safe and secure Made in Japan]A safe cleaner that has cleared beverage inspections.
[Sliding dirt]Clear tar stains instantly just by spraying! Easy to clean!
[Special cleaner for metal of electronic cigarettes]Commercially available alkaline electrolyzed water may turn black when it reacts with metal, but this product is a special process developed exclusively for electronic cigarettes and does not turn black. A special cleaner developed for e-cigarettes.
[Delicious taste of cigarettes]The maintenance frequency recommended by iQOS is to wash once after consuming one box!You can maintain the taste of tobacco with diligent care.
[Outstanding cost performance]The 100ml bottle has about 666 pushes and is excellent in cost performance!

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