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The world as we now understand has become a global village all thanks to the power of the internet. Just with a click of the button, you can now connect to anybody anywhere in the world. This has made shopping so very easy as well. Now it doesn’t matter where you are, you can easily buy items from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it is one thing to place an order for what you want but it’s another thing entirely to get those items shipped safely to your destination.

On several occasions, shoppers either experience long delay, damaged items, and sometimes the items even get lost on transit. To make matters worse, there have been cases where buyers get the wrong items shipped to them and have to suffer the extra burden of returning the items or accept them in grudge.

Japan is known as the home of several original world class companies producing quality branded products in various categories, but unfortunately, so many people find it difficult to access these products directly from Japan mostly because they are afraid that the items may never get to them safely.


Now you don’t have to fear anymore. We have set up a very competent team to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible whenever you are buying from Japan.

At Personal Shopper Japan,
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Our services include…

 Buying your items

 Inspecting the items to ensure they are in good condition

 Packaging them adequately in the best possible way to avoid damage on transit

Get in touch with us now.It doesn’t cost anything.

Even if you’re not sure what it is you want or need – because we come from
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Reliable As Ever!

The first time I used PSJ, I was both surprised and impressed with how quick they delivered the headphones that I wanted. So I knew I could rely on them without any worry when I wanted to purchase a photo book. As expected, their service is top-notch! Thank you for being a dependable choice when I want to buy products from Japan!

Pete – United States

Quick, Reliable, Excellent Communication

I am very happy with the service from Personal Shopper J. They email very quickly, and stay in communication throughout the purchasing and shipping process. It took less than a week to get the product from my original email to my door. I would definitely use Personal Shopper J again. A++

DJ Bouchard – Canada

Excellent Service As Always!

Even though the figure I wanted (a Hobby Japan exclusive) had to be reserved many months in advance, the whole process was handled flawlessly by PSJ. She was shipped from Japan on a Sunday and arrived in perfect shape before lunch on Wednesday – I could not be happier! Thanks again!

Scott McLeod – Australia


It’s my first time using this service. Props to Ninja J and his staffs(?) for making a swift contact and very clear procedure. If there’s any hiccup with the order, Ninja J will promptly contact you and that’s a plus for me! I got my item within a week. My stuff also arrived in a very good condition. 10/10, would recommend and buy again!

S. – Denmark

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