What item you bought with our buy from Japan service ? : 

More than 20 items from Fancl.jp

Where are you from ?:

Singapore (but delivery to United Kingdom)

Review from customer:
Really great service! Email replies to enquiries came within the hour and everything was explained very well. I particularly liked the fact that the fee is charged as a percentage of the price of the item, and was very reasonable! I’ve seen other JP shoppers who charge as percentage of the weight, but how often would you know the weight of what you are buying?

I needed to get about half a year’s supply of Fancl face lotions and cleansers, and because Fancl doesn’t operate in the UK (where I’m located right now) I would have wanted to buy it from the JP website. Unfortunately apparently Fancl.jp doesn’t allow shipping to PO boxes or warehouses. But Personal Shopper J is registered as a personal address so there were no issues there! I also had quite a complicated order with different quantities of different things, but Personal Shopper J managed it with no fuss and the items were shipped really quickly! I’ll definitely use them again!

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback !
Fancl is very popular in Japan and many Japanese people are using their product.
One of the best cosmetics company in Japan !

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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