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RAVPower car charger (2 port 24 W / 4.8 A rapid charge) iPhone / iPad / Android / IQOS etc RP-VC 006 (gold)

¥ 1,089

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RAVPower small 2-port USB cigarette lighter socket charger RP-VC006 gold


weight: 23 g
size : Diameter 25 mm x Height 59 mm


Excellent heat dissipation and durability compared to aluminum alloy bodies and plastic objects. Moreover, it is hard to get hurt, lots of luxury.

You can quickly charge two high-output USB ports, such as iPhone, iPad, Android.

The top port glows blue from the back when powering up and assists the USB connection even in the dark car at night.

12 V car · 24 V car is shared.


safe guarantee of 18 months + lifetime warranty (after product registration) is offered.

【Compact ~ Stylish】 There is absolutely no interference with driving than a compact design. It is finished with aluminum alloy, has a luxurious feel that is not made of plastic, is excellent also in heat dissipation and durability
[Powerful – Smartly charging] Up to 2.4 A per port, total of 4.8 A can be output , You can quickly charge two devices such as smartphone and tablet at full speed at the same time. The iSmart function is installed, and the optimum current is provided depending on the device. Furthermore, the voltage fluctuation during operation can be automatically adjusted, and a stable voltage is supplied by the device.
[Can be used with a wide variety of cars] Since it is compatible with both 12V and 24V cars, it can be used for ordinary cars as well as large cars such as trucks.
【Safety · Reliable】 It protects your device from overcharge, overdischarge, overheating than multi-charge protection system.
【18 months warranty ~ full support system】 Car charger RP-VC006, instruction manual, 18 months + long term warranty (after product registration), customer support

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