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Can you visit the department store and buy this limited model Cartier watch?

Please pre-order this item for me. Can you combine all items in one package?

I need a quotation for buying a Used Louis Vuitton bag, and the item number is M40155.

Can you buy this item? They can only accept Cash on delivery/bank wire transfer payment.
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We cannot ship the following items: Prohibited Items

Hair Colors
Nail Gels
Model Gun

Zippo (we can ship outside case only)

Because of limitation by law, flammable items.

Why Choose Personal Shopper Japan

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Problem when item is Sold Out

We’ll refund all costs in case of sold out.

If we couldn’t buy your item if it sold out, or for any other reason, we’ll refund all costs to you immediately.

*for normal items only, for auction items, or if staff traveling is needed, there will be a cost.

Our experienced repacking service

Good Protection for During Shipping

Our experienced repacking service will protect your items during international shipping.

Our Experience in Repacking for over 7 years saves our customers over 240 cases of damaged items during shipping.

Second-Hand Dealer License

Right Eyes For your items

Our basic item check saved many of our customers. 

Our CEO is a licensed Second-Hand dealer, specialized in High Fashion / Jewelry / Watch Brand items, such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Grand Seiko.

Licensed by the Japanese Police Department after checking company background and CEO’s career.

You can check our government certification here

The License Certification Online

Public Safety Commission Dealers List Page

Licence No. : 62107R021257, Site domain:

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