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7 Plush toys

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Review from customer:
Received my second successful order from PSJ. Thank you again so much!
This order was special because they were all limited items, and according to the reports all of the stock apparently all sold out within minutes. But despite that, PSJ managed to secure everything I had requested!

Once more, keep up the great work! Looking forward to doing business again. 🙂

Personal Shopper Japan reply:

Thank you for using our service and feedback !
Limited items are sold out very quickly, but this time, we were lucky enough to buy your items, and fulfilled requirements.

After some minutes, we realized that theres no more stock available…
it was very quick and so many people still looking for.

We found these items are very expensive (around 5 times of original price) now in ebay and Yahoo auction.
But we bought with original price, so cost was very low !

Hope you like it and we can receive next order soon !

Thank you very much,
Ninja J


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