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[Shipped in late March] Pluscig P7 compatible machine compatible main body holder Charger heating type electronic cigarette electronic cigarette starter kit explosion smoke compatible product continuous smoke use chain smoke vibration 50 pieces 3500mAh digital display black white

¥ 5,980

Pluscig P7 starter kit 2020 release Latest heating tobacco device "Pluscig" Innovative 3500mAh large-capacity battery realizes amazing continuous maximum suction volume of 40-50 bottles! The battery level and the set temperature can be checked on the digital display, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy detailed ways to enjoy your favorite. [With safe Japanese manual] The user manual is in multiple languages, and you can see detailed operating instructions in Japanese.
[Overwhelming capacity of 3500mAh! A maximum of 40-50 continuous suctions possible] Built-in 3500mAh large-capacity Samsung battery, one of the top-class heated cigarettes. With stable operation, you can carry it without charging for 2-3 days and enjoy IQOS and HEATS. * The number of continuous suction varies slightly depending on the method of sucking and the operating environment. If the battery runs out too soon, contact the store where you purchased it, as it may indicate an initial failure.
[Digital display that clearly shows the remaining charge, the number of times of smoking, and the time] At P7, you can freely adjust the smoking time and temperature so that you can enjoy it according to your preference. Heating temperature: 250 ° C-330 ° C (17 steps) Smoking time: 180 seconds-270 seconds For example, those who want to enjoy the mellow flavor more slowly at a lower temperature, those who want to quickly enjoy the kick feeling that comes with a high temperature, Both types of sucking can be supported. Settings can be stored in memory, so there is no need to reset them every time.
[Preheating time 5 seconds! With an amazing speed, you can smoke immediately when you want to smoke] Set the tobacco stick on the main unit, and the preheating time until you can actually start smoking is 20 to 40 seconds with ICOS and many heated cigarettes It takes about 5 seconds, but with the high-quality ceramic blade of P7, the body can vibrate again and start sucking in about 5 seconds. Please enjoy smooth flavor at your favorite temperature without waiting.
[Top cover design and automatic cleaning function to prevent dust from entering] The slide cover can protect the insertion port, so there is no danger of dust or dirt entering during movement and causing problems to the blades and heated parts. . In addition, if the automatic cleaning function is used, the tobacco leaves attached to the blade can be burned at a high temperature, so that the blade part can be kept clean. (Perform regular cleaning with a cotton swab or brush.)

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