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USD / JPY rate

USD / JPYJPY is now lowest value and it’s been more than 6 years since this level of value.good for buyers worldwide ! It’s a bit reasonable to buy items in Japan.

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Update, 29th August 2012

Hi, Still we receive many request regarding western dryer… this item is sold out everywhere and no more refill. also – Meiji chocolate house making kit. this item also sold out, and not available now. according to the maker, they will release new version of this item around November. to Indian people, please request us other item than cameras. cameras in Japan is not cheap. if you want cutting-edge new model, then we can find and tell you the price, but common ones are cheaper in India than Japan.

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Fan goods – update 7th August 2012

Yes, we have been helping a lot of customer buying fan goods from Japan. BIGBANG Super Junior FTISLAND 2PM LUNA SEA Sugizo DIR EN GRAY AKB48 X JAPAN …. we can help you buy any artist, and any item. Also – many Game goods, KINGDOM HEARTS Final Fantasy Dragon Quest items from square-enix-shop, amazon, in the yahoo auction….etc …. also we can buy any game, and any item. sometimes,there’s also in ebay. but our price will be a lot cheaper than ebay. and a customer says “are you safe?” – this is a sad question. we are doing right thing

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Update – 31st, MAY, 2012

Hi, customers requests has trends, If There will be famous concert in Japan, such as Lady Gaga, Super Junior, BigBang, Shinee, FTISLAND, Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48….. then we got many request from customers all over the world. Thank you very much and here’s what we realize, Many requests from Australia, Thailand, HongKong, Shingapore, Malaysia about ticket. and we got many good feedbacks from customers. Thank you very much!! Kitkat – this is famous in Indonesia now ? many customers requests us. but – unfortunately, green tea kitkat is already all sold out. green tea has season limitaion. so only available within

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Recent Requests – Camera, iphone, mobile phone – 9th, March, 2012, 1st August 2013(modified).

Hi, Thank you for many request regarding Camera (DSLR) , iphone, Mobile phone. Yes! International Law changed !! and we can send to you items with Li-Ion batteries from 1st August 2013 !   You think – because of these high quality electronics are made in japan (except iphone), many customers assume price is cheaper in japan, But, these products needs Li-Ion battery. There’s regulation for shipping Li-Ion battery by air, and so costs more to ship overseas, because we need to use special way to deliver these battery to you. here’s UPS info regarding lithium ion battery. to avoid expensive price

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