Panasonic CF-SZ5YDLQR Lets note SZ series Silver

¥ 158,647 ● withstand 100kgf, rugged design was a 76cm drop test ● Super Multi drive (DVD / CD) built-in light-weight model of about 0.929kg ※ 1 ※ 1 included of the battery pack (S) (about 225g when mounted) ● driving time measurement by the battery drive time (JEITA2.0) about 14.5 hours ※ 2 ※ 2 JEITA battery operating time measurement method (Ver.2.0). Battery life operating environment, LCD brightness, will vary by system configuration. Driving time when you have enabled the battery economy mode (ECO) will be approximately 80% of the time invalid. ● breakdown 100kgf, rugged design ● body

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